Giving these guys 5 star service! Amazing company to go with for roadside assistance. Helped me out with my vehicle towed to 3 different places with great service, advice and with lots of laughs! Highly recommend these guys for anything!

Thank you Mark and Mervin keep up the great work!

Jay Nandan

Yesterday morning Mervyn picked me up at home and drove me to where I had to leave my car (a Prius) a few blocks away. We were able to get it started enough so that I could back it out to put it into a more accessible position so that he could tow it.

He was very professional and knowledgable in doing this.

Right beside where we were (in the Co-op parking lot) an idiot towing a long flat-bed trailer tried to get into a parking spot where he had no business trying to get into. He crushed the rear quarter of the adjacent car and every time he tried to extricate the trailer, he did more damage to that car. It was at that time that the owner of the car came out of the Co-op. Mervyn told him to drive forward a little bit so that the car driver could lessen the chances of any more damage.

Mervyn gave his name and number to the car driver and said that he would act as a witness. THIS WAS A VERY KIND AND NEIGHBOURLY ACT FOR MERVYN TO DO, AND I COMMEND HIM ON IT.

My car in tow, Mervyn drove me and my car to Heninger Toyota and we had some very pleasant conversation along the way.

I know tow trucks were extremely busy the last few days, but Mervyn made me feel like I was the only one that counted, so many kudos to him.

Neil Koven

Flight was cancelled from Saskatoon to Calgary due to a snowstorm so we had to drive to Calgary starting at 9:00 in the evening. Got to Calgary at 4:30 am and was able to park quickly at the Park and Jet. Our flight was leaving in 2 hours at 6:30 am, so we quickly jumped out of my truck at the same time and for some reason the doors LOCKED!! …Thankfully my wife had passports and paperwork so she headed to the airport to check us in and I had to figure out how the heck to get a hold of a locksmith at 4:30 in the morning!!! The parking attendant gave me Marks number and he was there within 25 minutes, and had my truck door open within a few minutes!!! What a savior he was!!! And such a nice guy!!! Helped me load my luggage on his truck and took me right to the airport gate I needed to go!! Thanks Soooo much Mark!!! Highly recommended!!!

Dwight Dirk

Thank you so much for helping me out today. My car got stuck in a snow bank, and it was a very stressful situation on a busy highway with terrible road conditions. The fellows that helped me out made me feel better about the situation, because they were there to help me when I needed help. I have never been in a situation like this before, and would recommend these guys if you need a tow. Thanks again.

Whitney Black